About Us

Our mission is to lead people to KNOW Jesus as Savior, to equip them to GROW in that relationship, encourage them to SHOW the love of God through ministry and missions and in all things glorify God.


What to expect

A place to connect.

Whether this is your first time in a Church or you’ve been a part of a Christian community your whole life – you will be welcome here. We invite you to attend one of our Connection Groups that meet on Sunday mornings.

A place to worship.

Our Weekend Gatherings are centered on God’s unchanging, infallible Word (The Bible). From worship songs, praying, to hearing from God’s Word proclaimed, we focus on what matters most in this life - a relationship with God that is found only in His Son, Jesus Christ (John 14:6).

A safe place to bring your children.

Pouring into the next generation is something we are passionate about. We offer engaging activities for whatever age your young ones are.

A place for mid-week activities.

We have mid-week activities for all ages on Wednesday evenings starting at 6pm. See the Ministries page for details.

We believe


the Bible is the word of God.

in God.

in God the father.

 that Jesus Christ is God’s only begotten son.

in the Holy Spirit.

that man is a sinner.

in salvation.

in heaven.

in hell.

in the local church.

in baptism and the Lord's supper as church ordinances.

in communion.

in giving.

in last things.

in family values.


How to join

Discovering Morningside

Join our Senior Pastor for this 4 to 6 week class held on consecutive Sunday mornings at 10:10 am. This class is held periodically throughout the year and will introduce individuals to everything Morningside. Attendees will complete the class being fully equipped to make the decision of whether or not to become a member of the body at Morningside.

For more information send an email to our office secretary or call the Church office at 850-878-5503

How to become a member

Statement of faith

For persons who are saved and have been baptized by immersion after salvation but are not members of another Baptist church


For persons who have been saved by accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and desire to obey Christ by being scripturally baptized by immersion.

Letter from another church

For persons who are saved, have been baptized by immersion after salvation, and are members in good standing of another church which will transfer them by letter to Morningside Church.


Leadership Team

Brian Gilliland

Senior Pastor

Mark Morris

Associate Pastor of Worship/Senior Adults


Hunter Eubanks

Worship Associate


Jeff Sellers

Minister of Education


Jamie Pafford

Children's and Families Pastor

Carrie Pafford

Preschool Director

Debbie Lingle

Administrative Assistant


Laura Fordham

Financial Secretary