DNOW 2021

Students grades 6 - 12th are invited to join us for an epic event on January 30th that is designed to take students to a deeper level in their relationship with Christ, and help them to enjoy fellowship with other believers.

Men's Conference 2021

Men! Escape the lone wolf [men]tality by joining us for this year's men's conference...THE PACK. Let's explore God’s Word to discover how we can all become alphas in our families and leaders for The Pack. While the alpha may be viewed as the biggest and strongest, the most important characteristic of the alpha is his ability to lead and look out for the well-being of those within his influence. Conference dates are Feb. 19th (5:30-9:00pm), and Feb. 20th (8:30-11:00am) at Morningside. Cost is $20, and includes all conference materials, dinner and a continental breakfast. See you there!